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Cat. Sheep. Humor. Magic. Bats. List. Friday. What do these words all have in common, you ask? Put a simple five-letter word in front of each one and suddenly their meaning becomes ominous. You’ve probably guessed what that word is by now, black.

Black wedding dress

Photography by Niki,

Looking for a way to stand apart from the crowd on your wedding day? Look no further than the surprise of a black wedding dress. Do not let the traditional stereotypical negative connotations of black at a wedding discourage your foray into the world of color. A black dress makes a statement, about you and your sense of style. The LBD or Little Black Dress has been touted as a wardrobe staple for decades because it signifies elegance, class and sophistication. If those words sound familiar, I am not surprised. Let us also remember the slimming properties of silhouette gracefully framed in black. Many brides look forward to walking down the aisle with a polished and distinctive look that defines their sense of style and of course wows their guests.

In pre-Victorian Scandinavia, black wedding dresses were especially popular since the color white symbolized mourning. Roman Catholic Spanish brides wore black dresses to signify their dedication to the belief of marriage until death. Then when did white become the go-to standard? Picture it, a young bride of 20, nervous and anxious after proposing to her groom less than five months before. She approaches the altar in a cream satin dress with orange flower blossoms adorning her headdress and the hem of her gown. Even though colored wedding dresses had been popular for decades, this influential bride’s choice of color in 1840 would signal a turning point in bridal fashion for decades to come. This young trendsetter and iconic female was none other than Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Dare to be different, dare to be unique and dare yourself to consider the ever-flattering black dress. There are many styles available to choose from, including celebrity designers such as Vera Wang who have long embraced the idea of celebrating a color known for its sophistication. Whether airy and dramatic, or tea-length and sleek, you can create a striking image of distinction by embracing black. Instead of the little black dress you can begin the BWD or Black Wedding Dress trend. As always, just the right accessories will complement your look, from colored jewelry to shoes that pop! They all look fabulous against a black backdrop. No matter what color you choose for your special day, always remember, “the best color in the world, is the one that looks good on you” – Coco Chanel.

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Photography by Niki – Simply Beautiful Photography
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