Some of our musicians at a recent open house.Everything about us starts with our people. It’s the unique personalities among us that make us who we are – and we’re very proud of that. We have a lot of different personal interests, which we believe is a very good thing. We’re a diverse group, bringing a wide range of personalities and interests to our music.

We really love music, and we bring that love to our performances, each and every time. We’re definitely not just saying that. We’ve been living, breathing, studying and playing music in various corners of the world for years. Music has made us who we are. We appreciate how much music has given each of us, we love sharing it together, and we love enjoying it with new people like you.

It’s hard to keep up in a fast-changing world, but we’re constantly evolving and adapting. After all, we’ve been doing this our whole lives. We’ve been committed to it so long that our instruments have become part of our family. Yes, really. In our unique little family, we have a cello named Aurora, a viola named Mr. Darcy, and violins named Ruby, Pablo and Maria.

We would love to hear from you. Ask us anything you want – we’ll answer. Third Floor Strings is a strictly diva-free zone, and we pride ourselves on being flexible and easy to communicate with. Above all, we’d love to find a way to work with you at an upcoming event, so get in touch with us!