What type of music do you play? We’ve got quite a variety of music, depending on which ensemble you choose. Click on any of these links to see our music lists:

What do you wear? The musicians dress in black concert attire unless otherwise requested.

What do you require at the venue? Our requirements are minimal. We need armless chairs and ample space, about 8 by 8 feet for a string quartet. (If that is not quite possible, don’t worry, we have squeezed into some tight places on occasion). If you are hiring a group that requires amplification (guitar/cello or electric instrument), we require a nearby power source. See below for outdoor performance requirements.

Will you perform outdoors? Yes, we will. Our main concerns are the safety of the instruments and being able to perform well. We must be in a shaded area (especially in the summer) on level ground. There cannot be any precipitation, which is extremely dangerous for our valuable instruments. Your coordinator can discuss alternate arrangements with you in case of inclement weather.

Will you help me choose my music? Definitely! We are here for you! One of our representatives will help you step-by-step to ensure that you’re happy with your selections. We’ll send you our music list, some suggestions and even send over a few samples, so you can really envision your special day!

What if I want a song that’s not on your list? Just ask. If it is not in our repertoire, we can often buy an arrangement or if one doesn’t exist, write a custom arrangement for you (a fee typically applies, but is addressed on an individual basis).

When should we make the music selections? The earlier the better, but at least two weeks out, if at all possible! We like to ensure that we have the music request already in our library and that is appropriate to play in the setting you request (for example, many religious ceremonies require that music be approved with the officiant beforehand).

What instruments do you feature? We feature different ensemble combinations of violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, and harp! Our most popular requests are for a string quartet (2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello), a string trio (2 violins and cello or violin, viola, cello) or a guitar and cello duo.

How many musicians do I need for my event? It depends on the occasion, but our most popular options are a string trio or string quartet. They are versatile and work well in almost any scenario. We also understand that for more intimate events or smaller budgets, a string trio or quartet may not work, so we offer duos and soloists. Our guitar/cello or guitar/violin duets are amplified, and work nicely in any setting.

Will you perform with other musicians? Absolutely. We have performed with singers, organists, pianists, even bagpipers! We will touch base with them ahead of time in order to work out the specific details about the music. (An additional fee may apply, but is determined on an individual basis.)

Are there any additional fees I need to know about? There are travel fees for locations outside the Houston Metro Area. The fee depends on the distance and the time it takes to for us to reach the destination. Also, for events planned on Holidays or high demand days, an extra charge may apply.

Is it customary to tip musicians? The custom is to tip a vendor if you think they did a great job or provided you with outstanding service. If you consider our performance at your event to be exceptional and worthy of a tip, we would graciously accept any amount you deem appropriate. The average tip for each performing member is usually around $20.

How do I know you’re any good? We are proud to provide a number of references from years of satisfied clients – many of these reviews can be found on our affiliated websites (WeddingWire.com, TheKnot.com, GigMasters.com, etc.). We are very discerning when it comes to choosing our musicians; many have degrees from the top music institutions in the country, and we work with performers from such prestigious organizations as Ars Lyrica, the Shepherd School of Music, the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, and more. We were also voted Best Wedding Music in Houston in 2014 and 2015 and have won the WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award five years running.

How much music do you provide when you play at a wedding? Your special day can have as much or as little music as you desire! Our typical wedding contract allows for up to an hour and a quarter of the musicians’ time, which accounts for thirty minutes of prelude music as your guests are being seated, any music you require during the ceremony, and a brief postlude as the guests leave. We are often asked to play during special parts of the wedding ceremony – for example, during communion, the unity candle, the sand ceremony, dove release, or even accompanying a singer for a special song! We will work closely with you or your coordinator to ensure the timing for each event is just right.

For what length of time should I hire you? If you would like us to play for your ceremony, one hour is sufficient for a simple ceremony. For a Catholic or Episcopal Mass, 1.5 hours are necessary. Add more time for cocktail hour and reception.

How will you know when to start the ceremony music? All we need is a signal from your wedding coordinator. Also, we arrive half an hour before the prelude and go over the details with the appointed person to confirm the plan.

When do you arrive for my event? We plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before we are scheduled to begin in order to speak to the coordinator about cues and also to speak to the officiant to go over the ceremony details. There is no charge for this service.

Do you attend our wedding rehearsal? Since we perform a high volume of weddings and special events, our musicians are well prepared in terms of music and timing. We arrive thirty minutes before the performance, which gives us time to discuss with your coordinator exactly when each event takes place. However, if you would be more comfortable having a musician or the entire ensemble present at your wedding rehearsal, it can be arranged for an extra fee – we only recommend this if cost is not an issue, and if there are a number of unusual elements to the ceremony (guest musicians, etc).

Do we need to meet in person? We know how busy you are when planning a wedding, so we try to make everything as simple as possible. It is actually not necessary to meet in person. All details can be addressed over the phone, via e-mail or text, but, if you prefer meeting in person, we would be happy to do so upon request.

Who’s responsible for the fabulous photos on your home page? We are fortunate to work with many talented photographers, several of whom are featured throughout our website. The photos on our home page were graciously provided by Aftermash Photography, Mustard Seed PhotographyElisheva Golani Photography, LLC, Luke and Cat Photography, Michelle Able Photography, La Palomento Photography, and AmyArie Photography.


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